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Postby Mirador » 13 Mar 2017 17:30

The news is out!


There'll be a double cd including tracks from the past 25 years of Edguy, some brand new songs and some old rarities that are previously unreleased! And even more so ... There'll be a dvd which will contain a full show that was filmed in 2004 during the Worldwide Hellfire Tour :cheer

In February 1992, a bunch of German kids set out from the middle of nowhere and founded a band that would conquer the hearts of a whole new generation of fans around the globe!
Today, 25 years later, founding members Tobias Sammet (AVANTASIA) and the two guitarists Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer, as well as Tobias “Eggi” Exxel (bass) and Felix Bohnke (drums), who joined the band 20 years ago, can look back at their hugely successful career to shows in more than 40 countries, countless tours in Asia, Australia and America, ten studio albums and top 10 chart entries from all over the world.
To celebrate such an exceptional career with their fans, EDGUY will get back on the road. And while the live program will only contain the best material of their entire career, the new release will not be just a 'Greatest Hits' album one would expect to accompany such a tour: The 2-CD/DVD-package »Monuments« (release: July 14th) will include brand new material, their best tracks of the last 25 years, and old rarities that have never been published before! In addition, the DVD includes an entire show from their»Hellfire Club« tour in 2004 as well as the complete collection of their video clips. The limited edition will include an extensive coffee-table book containing material from throughout the entire history of EDGUY!
Frontman Tobias Sammet states: „Whilst collecting all of this picture material together we were once again made aware of how proud we are of what we have created. There are probably not many musicians who are lucky enough to be able to look back on a 25-year-old band history at the end of their thirties. And especially without any line-up changes in the last 20 years! This is even more incredible considering that we’re not from Birmingham, New York or a German metropolis but from a small town called Fulda, a place where you normally only know about the insights of the music business by hearsay. I mean, as kids we started to play Edguy shows even before we had visited concerts as fans ourselves! Then we started to play shows outside our home town, then outside Germany and all of a sudden we found ourselves touring in Asia, America and Australia on a regular basis, because apparently there were people who liked our music. And they became more and more. For us, this always felt quite normal, the next step was all that mattered. We didn’t think about what happened while things were happening...
But if you look back now, you will realise how lucky we were! It’s now time to celebrate our anniversary with our fans. We'll celebrate our quarter century with the release of »Monuments« and LIVE in some selected cities! We'll perform a best-of set list, a journey throughout our past, with a lot of fuss and at full throttle! The first quarter century is over and we want to honour these years with our fans! To the next 25 years!“

Also the first tour dates were revealed today:

08.06. SWE - Sweden Rock
16.07. CZ Vizovice - Masters Of Rock
15.09. D Bremen - Aladin
16.09. D Hamburg - Markthalle
17.09. D Bochum - Zeche
19.09. D Frankfurt - Batschkapp
20.09. D Saarbrücken - Garage
22.09. D Cologne - Essigfabrik
23.09. D Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn
24.09. D Munich - Backstage
26.09. D Erlangen - E-Werk
27.09. D Berlin - C-Club
29.09. CH Pratteln - Z7
30.09. D Memmingen - Kaminwerk
03.10. D Fulda - Wartenberg-Oval

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Postby lordpigeon » 13 Mar 2017 20:36

First of all, that artwork is a thing of beauty. Absolutely fantastic. Probably the best they've ever had (either that or The Savage Poetry re-release). Like Hall of Flames before, I like the little nods to previous cover arts.

Secondly, I really cannot wait for this. Wondering whether the DVD will be the full show from the Superheroes DVD. 12 years have passed since then, maybe technology has advanced enough to enable the footage to be touched up for commercial release.
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Postby tobsam » 15 Mar 2017 15:26

Yeah, this release includes the whole DVD show in Brazil 2004! Can't wait to have it!
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Postby Aniland » 18 Mar 2017 20:02

holy fuck I wonder how much new material there will be?
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Postby Eddie's Bitch » 23 Mar 2017 08:10

Looking forward to it! :headbang
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Postby Larissa » 23 Mar 2017 10:00

@ lordpigeon:

I agree, the artwork is amazing!
Finally a great cover and not one of those ugly "creations" they used for Space Police or Rocket Ride.

I already bought a ticket for Hamburg.
Not sure I will be able to see any more gigs. Maybe Bremen as well, since it is on a Friday.

Anyway, looking forward to the concert and of course the whole CD / DVD package!
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Postby Thierry » 26 Apr 2017 18:30

Unfortunately, won't be able to attend any of the gigs, but I'm still VERY curious about what the setlist will look like! :)

The artwork is AMAZING, I love all the previous albums' references hidden here and there.

So we will have unreleased material... I'm really wondering what kind of rarities they still have hidden, after all the EPs, Japanese versions and so on :P
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Postby Mirador » 23 May 2017 18:36

Since Nuclear Blast starts the pre-order for the new Blind Guardian live album and the new Rage album on friday, and „Monuments“ is released in between these two albums, maybe we will also get an update about tracklist, formats, pre-order etc. … What we know so far: There will be a 2-CD/DVD edition including 5 brand new songs (30 minutes of new music) with one of the songs being about a Sasquatch encounter, from the Sasquatch's perspective :lol: 22 old songs, the best of part of „Monuments“, partially remastered … About the rare stuff: One unreleased song called „Open Sesame“, which was recorded for the „Savage Poetry“ demo album, will be included (lyric-excerpt: „All it takes is a fire and a pie in the sky and rage and a Casio and bad eye-sight: So the fine print mumbo jumbo disappears next to the 'numbo' and you just sign so the whole world knows your name“) … :lol: … There is a DVD (playing time: about 130 minutes) from the „Hellfire Club“ tour recorded in 2004 in Brazil (parts already released on the „Superheroes“ DVD-Single) with André Matos as a Special Guest during „Chalice of Agony“, which was not released in full back in the day because one camera wasn't working into the first few songs. Also including all Edguy music videos.
Besides the standard version, the will be a limited edition coffee table book with more than 160 pages and 500 pictures and 2 additional CDs, making it a 5 disc package … No information what will be on CD 3 and 4 … (Maybe some more live material? Some shows on the „Space Police“ tour were recorded for a live album, but remained unreleased – so far)
Also a 4-LP version will be released, according to Tobi.

Hopefully we'll get some news soon, since the album is already available for pre-order at CDJapan for some days now and the (festival) tour already starts in about two weeks with the start of the Sweden Rock … :)
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