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Postby Gurther » 15 Oct 2008 04:23

So as I promised, I'm going to write a longer post about my experience at Edguy's show on October 12th, 2008. As some of you may know, this is my second Edguy's gig, and the first one completly... blasted me away. I had the chance to meet with the boys backstage, and everything was just... so perfect! You can check what I had to say back then here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7378.

Now, this time, as Tobi asked us last time, I brought some friends along: one of my best friend who got into metal recently (about 6 months ago) and his girlfriend (who is my friend too), who already knew Edguy for a while. Both were excited about the show, and the girl, Joelle, had only attended to one metal show before, and it was a really bad experience for her (she didn't like Nightwish's crowd very much :P)... But I told her last year's show was great, and that there wasn't any hardcore pushing, so that's why she gave it a try.

So on the 12th, I woke up and headed directly to the venue, it was around 5h30am when I woke up, 6h15 by the time I leave my house, and I was in the venue's city by 6h45am. But... Guess what, flat tires always happen at the bad moments... Yeah, really... But I was "lucky", I still got to the venue by 7h00am (Thank you Mom! :D). So yeah, obviously, I was the first one in line, and I was happy as hell, singing Catch of The Century while standing next to the venue's door.

Now, this wasn't my first time doing this, and I always meet with strange people when I do that, but this time, that was the worse. So I was standing there, reading the newspaper, when a guy tried to park his car on my side of the road. He parked his car and headed towards me. He asked me if he could park there, and I told him he couldn't, but he could park his car on the other side... So that dumbass tried to do a U-turn, but it was kinda like a ONE-WAY, so yeah, no accident, but he got yelled at. xD And I was laughing my ass off. Then, he gets off his car, and walks towards me again... I though he would say something like: "Haha, that's funny, I didn't notice it was a one-way" so he wouldn't look dumb (even tho that'd still make him dumb) and yup, that's indeed what he said. Then he started talking with me: "Are you from Montreal?" - "Nah, I'm from the South shore" - "Ohh, been clubbing?" And then I noticed how strange he looked, with his little (too) familiar smile, and how near he was standing to me... I mean, he was almost hugging me... Oh yeah, he was about 45 BTW, I am 17 (soon 18). So I wanted to end the conversation and said "yeah" because if I said no, I would have to explain I was waiting for a show, what show, blabla and all that crap. But then he asked me WHERE I had been clubbing... "Over there" pointing to a random area... There was so many bars I was sure to point towards one, and that was my mistake, he asked me which one... Anyway, ended the conversation abruptly, and he walked away... I was feeling safer... UNTIL HE WALKS BACK TO ME. Now, those who don't know how the place look like, it's kinda isolated, and when I saw him walking back to me, I wanted to "hide", and that was a freaking bad idea. He isolated me in a corner, and asked me with his little perverted smile if I wanted to do him favors, and how much I'd charge, and that he would be willing to pay anything blablabla... I was like... "O_O GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" But anyway, I guess I was kinda lucky, because thing could have been much worse considering we were kinda isolated and all... Anyway, he came back about an hour later, but this time I was on my guards and just told him to GTFO. Anyway, also met a few homeless people on crack (as usual, very funny =X).

So yeah, my two friends, Julien and Joelle, arrived at about 11h00am, and there was still nobody else at the venue. Until about 12:00pm, there was no one but us, and we were having hell loads of fun xD And then, some more people arrived, some friends of my friends, so yipee, more people = more fun (+ DINER TIME.). At about 2h00pm, we got bored and decided to walk to a dollarstore to buy some signs and pencils so we could do some silly things before the show. So we created some cute "HELICOPTERS!" signs (for Catch of the Century xDD We wanted to scream "NOTHINNNNNG AAAAAAAAAAAAA HELICOPTERS" stuff xD), a "What about my pie" one and a big one "TINNITUS SANCTUS" (since I suck at doing nice letters, I asked a girl there to do it for me... As I was spelling it, she said "I know how it's spelt, kay?" and I was like "uhhh, ok" and then found out she forgot the C in SanCtus... But I was able to somehow correct that mistake, haha xD).

Then, it was almost diner time, so yeah, we eat a little and came back to the venue, cause the doors were about to open. There was a nice little friendly crowd outside, with alot of people that I had met before, and it was cool seeing some old faces from last year's show too xD Anyway, we had our V.I.P. venue cards, so we were REALLY the firsts ones to get in there, and I was exactly in front of the middle of the stage, just like last time (but it was a different venue this time). Still another hour of wait until Edg- o wait, not Edguy yet- we have to suffer through a performance from The Catalyst first. Seriously, I don't understand how a band THAT different from Edguy can support them xDD Anyway, wasn't that BAD... Just isn't my kind of music =X

So after 7 songs from them, the great and only EDGUY starts off the real show with Catch Of The Century, and I'm already screaming my ass off even before the first note. Then, they continue on with Sacrifice, one of my favorite tracks from Rocket Ride, then Babylon, one of the track I was really looking forward to hearing again... With The Trooper of course ^^ xD Next was Lavatory Love Machine, in which Tobi fucked up with the lyrics (he actually mixed up the lyrics a few times during the show, but he's so great no one noticed ;)). One of the girls I was with hold up that "What about my pie?" sign and Tobi's face at this moment was priceless xD Unfortunatly, you can't really see his expression on the videos posted on youtube right now... I hope there's a good quality video that'll be posted, because really, his face > everything. ^_^ Then the show went on, and I *finally* raised my "TINNITUS SANCTUS" sign, which Tobi took and showed to the crowd, telling us they'd be back soon with a new album, and that the new album is (as we already know) heavier. There was also some "cockodile" on the back of the sign, which Eggi laughed at... xD And I was laughing too because I had forgot about those =X
The setlist was about the same as last year, except for Fucking With Fire, which I was more then happy to scream all the way through, even if I had no voice left... :)
So yeah, they went off the stage after Mysteria, and came back under the "NEW SONG NEW SONG NEW SONG" chants from the crowd, which some people (and even Tobias) first misinterpreted as "YOU SUCK" chants. x_x But he went on with Avantasia, and before King Of Fools, we could tell he was hesitating to *maybe* play a new song, because he looked at everyone on stage and Jens was like "why not, but if it screws up, it's your fault", but others were like "no, stick to the setlist", so he finished the show with King Of Fools... Still, great show! He promised to be back with NEW SONGS if everyone bought 5 t-shirts... I only bought one, but got 4 other persons to buy one too, does that count? ^-^ Anyway, the setlist is below:

Catch of the Century
Lavatory Love Machine
Tears of a Mandrake
Vain Glory Opera
Save Me
Fucking With Fire
King of Fools

So to make a long story short: AWESOME NIGHT! Even tho I didn't have the chance to meet the boys backstage, because I had to bring my friends back home and Joelle had school next day, I'm still really happy, because both of my friends I brought with me to the gig had a blast :) While driving back home, we passed next to the tour bus, and Dirk was standing outside, and Joelle told him by the window "great show" and he replied "Thank you :)" with a sincere smile... That may sound stupid to some, but that really made her happy, so yeah, thank you Dirk if you are reading this :)

Alright, enough writting for tonight, going back to staring at my newest Edguy guitar pic, anyone else attended this gig? Here's a little video from youtube for all of you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd-JR_vr_s4

Edguy rules :)

PS: Hope you still understood the main points even tho my english sucks ;(
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Postby Gonzess » 15 Oct 2008 14:56

nice review mister!!!
so you can see pictures for Edguy concert at this site
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Postby Gurther » 15 Oct 2008 15:03

Gonzess wrote:nice review mister!!!
so you can see pictures for Edguy concert at this site

Wohoo, nice pictures milady ^_^
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