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Postby PeaceLoveAvantasia » 08 Aug 2017 01:52

Hello forum people! I discovered Avantasia a couple years ago due to stumbling upon a Youtube video labeled "the most epic metal song ever" (who wouldn't click on a title like that) which turned out to be The Seven Angels. I'd never heard anything like it and was so blown away!!! :o I listened to it on repeat for a while before checking out the whole album (Metal Opera II), then because it sounded like a story I found Metal Opera I so I could figure out what happened. I was in love for sure. I experienced this strange effect of feeling the emotions of the characters (I hope this makes sense) as they sang which had never happened with any other music. For a while (over a year) I didn't know anything beyond the Metal Operas and just listened to them constantly. I can't remember when I realized there was more, but I think I was confused for a while because I just listened to random songs from The Wicked Trilogy and The Mystery of Time and not knowing they were also stories didn't have a clue what was going on :lol: Then I eventually listened to the whole Wicked Symphony album and was entranced (especially with the title track - I love Tobi's distressed sounding screams near the end). I listened to a bit of The Scarecrow and Angel of Babylon but didn't like them as much at the time except for a few songs. Mystery of Time still confused the heck out of me. Then one day on Youtube I saw there were new Avantasia songs and a new album!! It was Ghostlights and I super duper loved it. This helped me appreciate Mystery of Time more because I realized the stories connected. This was also when I started checking out some of the Avantasia guest singers' own bands. I didn't really come from a metal background besides a few Nightwish songs and some Metallica so I wasn't familiar with anybody. A couple weeks ago I suddenly bumped into Edguy's music, which I knew was Tobi's main band but hadn't really listened to it at all (except I'd clicked on Judas at the Opera way back when I first discovered Avantasia and well let's just say I didn't understand :lol: (it was very wtf to me and kinda turned me off to the band...) but never fear! I've now had a change of heart.) I watched a couple clips of concerts on Youtube which excited me beyond belief for some reason (must've been Tobi's antics on stage.) Then I somehow was seized by this voracious compulsion to find out more about Tobi and his music which led me to the Avantasia and Edguy Facebook pages where I looked through all the pictures and learned about the Wacken concert which I was able to watch on stream this weekend!!!! Now I've found this forum and I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

How did I go this long just listening to music I loved without knowing anything about the people who created it??? Over the last week or so I've felt my love for Tobi and all the Avantasians go through the roof and I love all the music more and more. Even songs I didn't like so much before.

I hope I'm not being embarrassingly long in my descriptions. I just have to share. I can't express this love I feel. :hug
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Postby Jarhara » 08 Aug 2017 05:57

Sounds like you got infected with "Sammetism" ^^

If you had trouble with the story of "Mystery of Time", maybe you didn't read the additional text? There is a little text to every Song, kinda like the protagonist's journal. it explains a lot and it is beautifully wirtten.
And i too, know the feeling of sharing the Characters feelings... more with the Wicked Trilogy and Mystery of Time/Ghoslights then with the Metal Opera, but yeahr ^^

also, if you think you're overdoing it... just look at my avatar... you can't get any worse then me^^
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Postby Muppet » 10 Aug 2017 12:26

Hiya and welcome here.
And overdoing what?
Sometimes i can't post or send PM's as i am WAAAAAAAAAAY over the character limit.
So no, you aren't over doing it!
:wink: :lol:

A word of warning though.
This forum does play up from time to time so just highlight and copy your post before hitting post.
Otherwise it may end up lost in cyberspace and you may need to start again.
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Postby vedrividia » 10 Aug 2017 16:39

Welcome on here!

I remember discovering Avantasia through the Wacken 2014 stream myself, but generally my story isn't too different from yours: I listened to the Scarecrow and Mystery of Time albums and loved it, but I didn't know a lot about the band. Then came Ghostlights and I was blown away! Yet still I wasn't dealing with the People behind it. When I bought the second Metal Opera I realized that this was kind of dumb because there apparently was a story to it - and to all the other Albums. Finally, in April 2016, owning their entire discography already, I saw Avantasia live, in person, and then I pretty much went crazy with my love to them.
Long story short, I think I might just understand what you're trying to express and I can agree that it's really hard to put into words. Avantasia is one of the rare bands that completely pull you into their world and make you fall in love with the People behind it. It's indescribable!

Now again, welcome to the forums and I hope you'll find many people to talk to about Avantasia! Greetings :pinkhappy:
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Postby Thierry » 15 Aug 2017 15:19

I loved reading your story! :)

Welcome on board(s)! :)

If you loved being "in touch" with the story and character's feelings, you might also want to try Ayreon's albums, especially "The Human Equation". 8)
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