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Postby Hard Rocker » 28 Oct 2012 12:12

There was a time when the official web page showed the conditions to join the official fanclub. I would like to know if they can still be found somewhere or if somebody remembers which they were.

Thank you!
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Postby Muppet » 07 Nov 2012 08:09

Concerning the Fan club these days, I honestly couldn't answer this for you and i'm only responding as i have been here for so long and have tried myself in the past to join but without success or response to my requests/emails. Even as far back as 2003 i never received a response, so i just gave up.
There used to be a small amount of information on the Official Website via the contacts section that gave you Marion's/Savage Union details. I never got any response on that email that was given, but i do know of other savages that did. So i'll try find it for you via some old savages that may still be in contact with Marion/savage Union. Marion Haupt is the Savage Union President.

If there are any other savages out there that are reading this and have the details needed then PLEASE post them and perhaps Theirry/Harmon can sticky them at the top of this Fan Club section in a thread entitled Official Fan Club details.

Found an old email address on Myspace: EdguySavageUnion@gmx.de

Was given this email address from an old Savage Unioner tonight. Same as above but slightly different: edguysavageunion@gmx.de

I have a feeling that it no longer exists though as this internet age has taken over and the Hellfire Club on the Official website was launched. Try registering there and see what that gets you.

Edit: I just tried getting my log in details for The Hellfire Club section on the Official website as i have forgotten my password but i have not received the emails to either of my accounts... YET! So again... GOOD LUCK!!!
:lol: :P
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Postby Muppet » 08 Nov 2012 13:31

Ok, here it goes. This is some of the information that used to be on the old website as well as information that i had never seen before. A lot the emails i sent in would have been answered if only i had seen this other info regarding fees and Paypal. I have no idea if the Fan club is still going. Many people i have spoken to do NOT get responses or newsletters anymore so enter/join at your own risk. From personal experience i never got a response to my emails i sent in over the years (2003-2009 - I gave up after throwing a hissy fit in here trying to contact anyone about the Aussie Savage Union or even about joining the official one. :P ). I would advise STRONGLY about waiting to hear back from someone official before sending any sort of money. Good luck!



Savage Union – The Official Edguy Fan Club
c/o Marion Haupt
Schillerstraße 25
64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf

E-Mail: EdguySavageUnion@gmx.de
Phone: +49 (0)163 5255631

Our history

The Savage Union, the official EDGUY fan club, was created in October 1999. Already in the summer of that year I thought about establishing an Edguy fan club. I was lucky to get to know the Edguys in person and asked them about their opinion, and they allowed me, even encouraged me, to go ahead. The beginning was a bit difficult but for luck the guys altogether supported me. Slowly but surely the Savage Union grew bigger and bigger, and in the meantime we have established Savage Unions in other countries all around the world!

Here is a contact list:

SU International:
Marion Haupt :: EdguySavageUnion@gmx.de
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/edguysavageunion

SU Czech Republic and Slovakia:
Homepage: http://www.edguy-sk-cz.com
Contact: Peter Sárkány :: metacik@edguy-sk-cz.com
Eliska Pirkova pirkova.eliska@gmail.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/savageunionskcz

SU Poland:
Homepage: http://www.edguy.fr.pl
Contact: Pawel Zatryb :: grim@fr.pl

SU South America:
Homepage: http://www.edguy-fan.com.ar
Contact: Lorena Nagel :: lorenanagel@yahoo.com.ar

SU Brazil:
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/savageunionbrazil
Contact: Adriana Latorre :: adriana-latorre@ig.com.br

Official Edguy Fan Contact Italy:
Valeria Banda :: vale.bm@live.it

Official Edguy Fan Contact Spain:
Laura Mulero Hernández :: Avantasia_69@hotmail.com

Our activities

We launch the fan club magazine "Book Of Madness" 1-2 times a year. Issue no. 1 was released in March 2000, issue no. 12 in August 2007. In the magazines which are available in German and English, other fan club members and I report about concerts and visits in the studio, we publish interviews etc. We don’t only refer to Edguy but also to their other projects and bands. Moreover, there are some sections like i.e. “Fans are searching fans”, where members looking for (pen-) contacts introduce themselves, or the “Sweating Box”, where Edguy members are questioned about their live, hobbies, thoughts, etc. In between times when there are news for example about single gigs or similar things, newsletters are sent in order to keep the fans up to date. In November 2003 we even had our first official fan club meeting which was a full success! On some of the past Edguy tours we also organized meetings between Edguy and Savage Union members, events that have gone down very well.

Our offers and fees

The membership is graduated as follows:

-Full membership: For 10 € per year (Germany and Europe), respectively for 20 € per year (all other countries) you get the Book Of Madness, the newsletters and a membership-card.

-Mail-newsletter membership: For 5 € per year (Germany and Europe), respectively for 10 € per year (all other countries) you get the newsletters by regular mail and a membership-card.

-E-Mail membership: This kind of membership is for free! You only get the newsletters by e-mail.

-For all members, no matter which kind of membership, we offer merchandise at favourable prices

How to join

If all this sounds good to you and if you want to subscribe, please send me your personal details by e-mail or regular mail (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth). Please don’t forget to mention the kind of membership you want to register for! At any rate I need a passport-photo from you, for the membership-card, and please remember to pay the corresponding fee as well. Please note that you do not become a member until the fee is paid! (Banking details see below.)

I hope I was able to give you a good description of our activities and I’ll be happy to get your registration!

Take care, Walk on fighting! Ciao Marion

Payment details:

Banking: account holder: Marion Haupt
account no. 433 863 303
bank-code 250 100 30
name of the bank: Postbank Hannover, Germany
IBAN: DE94 2501 0030 0433 8633 03, BIC: PBNKDEFF

If a transfer is too expensive, you can send a giro transfer order instead.

EdguySavageUnion@gmx.de (http://www.paypal.com)

Cheques are not accepted!

I do not recommend to send cash via mail because it is very unsafe. But if you do send cash, please send only Euro and only by registered mail.


Now, i think i have done all i can regarding this. I hope i have helped someone and truly, there are no hard feelings on my side. I just have to state that as someone will ALWAYS get offended by something i post. I just think it is such a shame and a terrible waste that so many savages, including myself, missed out on being apart of the Official Savage Union. Peace out.
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Postby fubar.savage » 08 Nov 2012 23:26

Hey Muppet,

I think I speak for many people when I thank you for putting this out in the open.
I for one am working hard in spare time to produce a high quality fan-site for Australian fans, in fact many people here know me for this reason. I rarely have spare time these days and so I can't dedicate nearly as much time as I would like.

Anybody, anywhere, will find discretions anybody makes offensive regardless of implication because anything anybody says is open to interpretation. The President of US, politicians, the bible and myself are not free from interpretation. Try not to dwell.

If there is anything I can do to contribute to the Savage Union, people shouldn't hesitate to contact me - I want this and I want to help. People here including yourself are well aware of how much myself and other fans must want this service.

I do however remember this information on the website a while ago, and I am curious to why the information was removed. Do people believe the Hellfire Club is a viable substitute, and it would be good to get a formal announcement about what the Savage Union is suppose to be these days...

Edit: I read another recent post on the forums, in response I reach out to the community. If you need help with the Savage Union, please contact me - I want to help.

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Postby Hard Rocker » 09 Nov 2012 08:20

Thanks so much Muppet! :hug I'm glad you're always here to help! Actually, I don't really want the information to try to join the fanclub because if it doesn't even appear on the website it means that probably the fanclub isn't really active. I needed it for the SU Spain, to see if we can organize ourselves better.

Anyway, it's a pity that the official Savage Union died (or so it seems)...
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Postby Muppet » 09 Nov 2012 13:35

No problems Hard Rocker. Just let me know if there is anything else you need to know or need help with. If i don't know it, i have a back log of Savages i am still in contact with that may have the answers. Good luck.

And Karl, there were a lot of fans in the past that used to vent their frustration to me away from the boards but everyone was always too scared to say anything. I don't know why. Where i'm from, if you want to know something, you need to ask and communicate your needs.

But come what may, i don't say things to cause trouble or put anyone offside. I merely say/ask things because i want to know. And good luck with trying and getting the Savage Union up and running again, if it has died. With all the individual Savage Unions, i can't see the original one thriving unless some serious reshuffling was done and that would mean stepping on a lot of toes. Not good considering the supply/demand need. I'm guessing the Hellfire Club and Backstage with Mr Sammet has replaced it all somehow.

Anyways, i have a seriously hot date with my pillow and bed right now and i'm already late!

Have a good weekend all!
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Postby Lorena » 15 Nov 2012 05:05

Hey guys, I entered the site after a long time, was looking for the info to the SU and didn't find it, I thought to myaelf, what the fuck, where is the info it ised to be here!!!!!??? Where is Marion!!!???

It seems the is a completely mess nowadays, no fan club, the website is not updated as it should be, I mean, no new pictures, just the ones of the cd, no new info about the guys, no nothing.

I sued to be in charge of the Savage Union Argentina, indeed, I was the funded member, then there were troubles, and I quite, and it seems that no longer exists. I have been thinking about re-open it, so I wanted to get contact with Marion, but not sure if the SU still exist and if she is in charge.
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Postby Claudsch » 21 Nov 2012 05:46

I agree to Muppet, it is really difficult to get in contact with someone responsible for the fan club or at least to get any reply so I gave up in trying. But as someone said within this forum some time ago here is a medium to come together as fans and it is always a pleasure communicating with you all here and reading or sharing any information regardless of being useful or just amusing.
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Postby ThimGrim » 27 Nov 2012 11:09

I know it's not much however I found some old messages from Marion and adress of official savage union fan club.

SAVAGE UNION - The official EDGUY fan club
c/o Marion Haupt, Am Brückel 14, 64572 Büttelborn, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)6152 177116 Fax : +49 (0)6152 177118 e- mail: EdguySavageUnion@aol.com
Banking: account no. 433 863 303; bank code: 250 100 30; Postbank Hannover, Germany

Moreover- for some diggers who like old and rusty things, I put on the server:

- few letters from Marion (and few more you can find on our SUP forum: here on pages 1,4,5)

- few wallpapers from Hellfire Club era

- Edguy font- if you want to put it, instead of writing "edguy" use: shift+a

- Edguy Game- as long as I remember you fly as Tobi and destroy some objects :P. Great music made by you know who, and visually it was okay. Anyway- it doesn't work for me anymore on modern Windows system. But it may work on Windows XP ;) Game was made by user: blindsight74 , you can find his topic here.

It's about 8 MB:

new link (08.02.2013, it will work for few weeks):

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Postby Thierry » 28 Nov 2012 15:06

Thanks a lot for that!!! I don't know where I was when this was released, but I was totally unaware of that game!

Just played it, it's funny, but hard as hell... :P
Maybe it's better for you, mankind, not to know what's going on!

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Postby Muppet » 02 Dec 2012 07:57

Ohhh i remember that game too. I kept dying, back then i had dial up internet and it was so slow and freezing, so i gave up. Might need to try again.
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