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Postby Ghost-lit » 25 Jan 2018 22:45

Hey everyone - I came across this on the internet and it reminded me exactly how I felt the first time I heard this song. Gave me shivers so I figured I’d share :) the poor guy doesn’t know what hit him.....

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Postby Jarhara » 26 Jan 2018 17:17

I just watched it, reminds me of the reaction one of my friends had, when I showed him this song.

this guy also did a reaction on Babylon (Edguy) after that. The begininning of the video he has this face, as if he's thinking hard about something and I already go "is he gonna realizie it's the same singer? is he?" and then he goes "that guy looks like someone from "Walking Dead"!" I mean, whut? I'm gonna watch some more of his Edguy and Avantasia reactions and see if he eventually finds out Tobi is in both^^
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Postby PeaceLoveAvantasia » 29 Jan 2018 04:05

I remember seeing this a couple months ago. I love how awed he is :D

I read through the comments and my favorite one is some guy saying "felt like tasting chocolate for the first time?" Yes. It must really be something to be thrown into something so amazing so suddenly. I fell in a bit slower, taking three years to make my way through all of Avantasia and only this past year finally started listening to Edguy, but my first time watching live clips I probably still looked like this guy :P :lol: I ended up binging on live clips and felt high/euphoric the rest of the day. :roll:

I really want this guy to react to more Avantasia/Edguy. I love watching his awed face. It makes me feel oddly proud. :cool
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Postby Bigguls » 25 Feb 2018 14:16

This was the first Avantasia track I heard.. I accidentally stumbled across The Scarecrow when I spotted the artwork in "you might like" list on YouTube. Really glad I did as I instantly loved it.
That sparked a mad phase for me to listen to everything I could find by the group and wow. I loved it, loved it loved it.
Shame to say I had to wait a while to buy the albums, but as soon as I could I had them.. Burned straight into mp3 files never to hopefully anyway enter another cd player. Lol..
Avantasia very quickly turned into my new favourite.. Although I still do listen to my classics, everyday usually involves something with lyrics by Topics...
I saw today and really hope that it's genuine that there is suggestion of a new Avantasia project.. I can't wait if it is.. Already getting impatient..

:D :D :D :D
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