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Postby Andrius » 04 Oct 2014 15:14

Hello guys i am a man who have lost all my life, my girlfriend.

I need help , the help of all of you ,to help me to make that Tobias Sammet or someone of EDGUY will be able to see my letter.

here is the letter:
" Tobias Sammet Admired

My name is Andrés García Larrosa, but I like to be called Andrius. i'm 19 and since the first
time i heard EDGUY, 5 years ago I have been a great fan.
I am writing this letter to beg you to help me save my life. my life has a name, Andrea Sofia
Martinez Lopez, she has always been the most important person to me, BUT I'm an idiot and I said
a bad thing that has broken his heart doing she let me , losing for my fault for 2 years 10
months and 3 days of relationship.

The first time i said her "i love you", I took her hand and we walked to a clearing and into an
old abandoned house, I sang and played the song "save me-EDGUY" with my voice, my bass and my
And now I still remeber That Day as if it Were yesterday. i am a little musician i have a little
metal band and my desire was to be able to sing well the song "SAVE ME-EDGUY" the day of our
wedding, but now she is gone, and i am alone ... in tne rain ... in the cold ... i reluctant to
get another shot in my soul ...

I dream about her every night, I regret I did everything wrong,I just want her to look at me,
talk to me, although she can not love me anymore, i can't be alone knowing that I lost all for my

So I beg you, I beg you with all my heart, Please, help me, help me, i would like you to play the
song "SAVE ME-EDGUY" and read a little of this letter the next performance the 17th of October in
Madrid (Spain) at the Sala Babel. I bought the show tickets and rail tickets. I don´t know if she
will want to come with me to the concert, i don´t know if you will see this letter and I don´t
know if you can play this song because maybe it is not planned in the show. I know it's almost
impossible, but I have to try.
I know there are millions of fans, I know you'll have hundreds of letters for every day and
pherphas you will see it too late for me. But i have to try.

You're my only hope, maybe when I will be able to sing the song again it's will be too late. I'm
just an insignificant speck on the planet, and I never will be able to thank you enough if you

help me, I can not even go to all your concerts, this will be the first I'm going, and I have to
travel 420 km. I wore a lot of time dreaming of the day of your concert, dreaming of kissing her there, to

finally meet you , and now I am fear of that day comes and she didn´t comes.
You've always been my idol, my favorite metal band is EDGUY, my favorite song is "lavatory love
machine", and my favourite album is "Tinntus Sanctus" ; I would like to thank you for making a
really wonderful music that has always accompanied me and always will do.

carefully your biggest fan.

Andrius. "

So, if the administrator of the website see this , PLEASE !! show it to Tobias or someone of EDGUY, please i am a needed boy who is feeling love, she is all my world , for this reason i am trying all of this.
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